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AKI Monitoring System 

AKI Wireless temperature probes are installed on all Coolers and Freezers. Temperature probes are powered by a internal 9 volt battery. Up to 32 temperature probes can communicate wirelessly to the installed AKI Internet Gateway that is connected to customer’s internet router. This gateway then communicates through the internet to the AKI Cloud Servers. It is a very simple plug and play installation.

AKI Smart Phone Applications 

Temperatures of all your assets

You can see all of your current temperatures of your cooling assets on your smart phone. The timing on the screen shows you how many minutes or seconds since the last temperature reading. It works on any IPhone or Android product. It works on any internet browser so you can use any computer browser to see your current cooling asset temperatures



Temperatures Graphs 

You can pick one of your assets on the screen and see an historical graph trend for the last 18 hours


Text / Email Alerts

You and up to 5 people will get a temperature alert or email when any temperature exceeds your temperature set-point for over 45 minutes