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We provide economical 24×7 Temperature monitoring solutions that will alert you and your staff in realtime when there is a problem with your critical food cooling equipment.

It is very critical to maintain food products at prescribed temperatures and having a 24×7 monitoring system is crucial.


“Such a valuable system you’ve created. We can’t thank you enough!”

 Motor City Seafood, Plymouth MI

“A Greater Peace of Mind is what we experience with a AKI Temperature Monitoring System”

The Kitchen Terminal, Redando Beach, CA

“AKI Temperature Monitor prevented $10k in food spoilage and saved us from a $30k compressor failure”

 Rocky Mountain Commissary, Denver CO

Our Story,

It all started 10 years ago with a small commissary in Denver CO.

We were challenged to come up with an economical temperature monitoring system that would alert the commissary owners, their clients, and maintenance personnel when a cooler or freezer was getting too warm. We developed and installed the AKI Temperature monitoring system for this commissary and it has performed better than expected. It has saved this small commissary real dollars by giving them and their maintenance people multiple alerts on upcoming cooling problems. We would love to share our product with you.